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Some frequently asked questions:

- Do I need to be a member? Yes, a real fan!

- Is there any payment? No

- Do you help with travel arrangements or costs? No

- Will I have to sign a model release? Yes

- Do I need ID? Yes some forms of government issued
ID are required, must include a photograph.

- What is the minimum age? 18 years or over,
we check your age on your ID.

- Can I hide my face or go in disguise? No,
faces MUST be shown

- Can I apply without sending pictures? No,
you need to send all the info in one email
for your application to be considered

- Can I change my mind after the shoot? No,
you sign a legally binding release

- When is next casting couch? Check members board.

- Do I need a condom? Yes,
or a fresh test for std (max 30 days old)

The Casting Couch
Want to become a pornstar?
Want to try out for real with
Norwegian pornstar Monica

So you think you can fuck me
better than Blade? Why not try
your luck and apply for the
MonicaMilf Casting Couch.

You could be making an amateur
sex movie with me very soon!!
If you are interested you need to
apply by sending your info by email

Not only in Norway!

I plan to be visiting
USA, UK, Sweden, and Denmark
several times a year, so fans
from all over the world
have a chance!

So if you are a member and
you wanna make a porn scene
with me, send me some pics
and your location together
with your username!

I will be picking a new member
every month and if you are
"the lucky one" you need to
confirm back to me within a week
If not you will loose the chance!

Read the faq before you apply!
and email me for any questions

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