Facts about the horny Norwegian MILF!
Hair color: Blond
Bra Size : 85 dd
Weight : 55 kg
Hight : 161 cm
Eyes : Blue
Favorite position : Doggy og DP
My name is Monica, I was born in 1971 so you have to figure out my age yourself.
I have worked as a nude model and mattress actor since I was 18 y/o

And I have the oldest online amateur website in Norway witch I started in 1998
So it's not strange if some of you have seen my pics or movies before.
I have been published in both Norwegian and foreign magazines many times
also as : Monica Christiansen - Norske Monica - pornomonica - xxxmonica

Before everything went "only" web and mobile i performed in several DVD's, and
have sold 1000's of copies. I still get a lott of feedback from thiese movies.
The most famous is of course Monica & Blade. Probably cause he use his big black cock
in all of my holes. And the fact that it's the only interracial Norwegian movie ever made!

Due to the fact that I am very exhibitionistic of nature, I feel I have
best jobb ever. Sex, fucking and porn fill's my day

Wet kisses from Monica
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